Additional Information Pirelli P Zero AS Plus 3

P ZERO™ AS PLUS 3 is the newest Pirelli Ultra-High-Performance replacement tire for driving enthusiasts. Keeping close to its family roots, the new P ZERO™ AS PLUS 3 prioritizes performance yet boasts mileage, being a part of the PLUS line portfolio. Dedicated to premium cars and even some SUV fitments, it provides high levels of handling and braking in variable weather conditions and carries a 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty. Your life is multifaceted, your tires should be too – this ultra-high-performance all-season tire has you covered.


  • A 3D interlocking sipe system, along with the optimized tread pattern stiffness, supports improved braking in all-weather conditions
  • Functionalized polymers extend the compound’s working temperature range without sacrificing grip
  • The PZAS+3 was engineered with a more uniform pressure distribution in the footprint resulting in more even wear. A more squared footprint results in less friction and increased mileage
  • Engineering improvements give the PZAS+3 greater longitudinal stiffness compared to the previous generation resulting in enhanced control. Tread wear simulations indicate a 20% increase in tread efficiency at end-of-life
  • The asymmetric design takes advantage of a larger footprint for greater handling performance
  • Engineered to optimize pitch sequence, reducing cabin noise for a comfortable driving experience
  • A higher siping density improves snow performance grip while the larger longitudinal grooves in the shoulder increase water removal from the tire footprint boosting wet performance


Part NumberSizeService
4083100225/50R1798W25.9Black Sidewall50000Low Stock *$193.18
4083400245/40R1791Y24.7Black Sidewall50000In Stock $198.34
4083600215/45R1893W25.6Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$185.47
4083700225/40R1892Y25.1Black Sidewall50000In Stock $186.11
4083800225/45R1895Y26Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$201.33
4083900225/50R1895Y26.9Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$192.63
4084000225/60R18100W28.6Black Sidewall50000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
4084100235/40R1895Y25.4Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$197.98
4084200235/45R1898Y26.3Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$217.69
4084300235/50R18101W27.3Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$213.85
4084400245/40R1897Y25.7Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$214.04
4084500245/45R18100Y26.7Black Sidewall50000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
4084600245/55R18103Y28.6Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$216.41
4084700255/35R1894Y25Black Sidewall50000Low Stock $242.53
4084800255/40R1899Y26Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$227.59
4085000265/35R1897Y25.3Black Sidewall50000Low Stock $239.81
4140800225/40R1993Y26.1Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$236.96
4085100225/45R1996Y27Black Sidewall50000Low Stock *$227.68
4085200235/35R1991Y25.5Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$249.50
4085300235/40R1996Y26.4Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$243.33
4085400245/40R1998Y26.7Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$261.35
4085500245/45R19102Y27.7Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$251.01
4085600255/35R1996Y26Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$236.61
4085700255/40R19100Y27Black Sidewall50000In Stock $277.62
4140900255/50R19107V29Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$253.99
4085800275/35R19100Y26.6Black Sidewall50000Out of Stock$278.33
4085900275/40R19105Y27.7Black Sidewall50000Inquire for StockInquire for Price
4086000245/40R2099Y27.7Black Sidewall50000Low Stock *$273.64
4086100245/45R20103Y28.7Black Sidewall50000In Stock $261.26
4086200275/35R20102Y27.6Black Sidewall50000In Stock *$271.64
4086300275/40R20106Y28.7Black Sidewall50000In Stock $285.96